Phantom Odors

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Whenever a call comes in to our office concerning odors that can’t be identified I always pay special attention to the exterior when I arrive at the home. This gives me the opportunity to assess the building façade. If I see cast stone or E.I.F.S. I pay special attention to the details of the installation. The problem is not generally the material as many believe, it is the installation. Poor drainage and improper attention to the details is where I most often find failure. The amount of damage caused by poor drainage details can be considerable and VERY expensive to correct. When performing an assessment on such installations having the proper equipment for the project is critical. This will include an infrared camera, moisture meters, tools for removing façade in suspect locations, etc. Having a very good understanding of what to look for and how to confirm your findings BEFORE you start removing façade is equally important. The LAST thing you want is to make a large opening in someone’s wall and find no problems.  



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