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Steel Building Insulation

What is Condensation?

Condensation is a process in which water vapor changes to liquid. The higher the relative humidity the greater the water vapor content. Maintaining a reasonable inside relative humidity of less than 60% is an important factor in preventing condensation. Relative humidity is a percentage measurement of the amount of water vapor present in the air in relation to the amount it is capable of holding at that temperature. Warm air holds much more moisture than cold air, thus condensation is created from warm air. The indoor relative humidity can be lowered by bringing in outside air that mixes with the inside air. The temperature at which the air is saturated and can no longer hold the moisture is called dew point. When dew point is reached, the air can no longer hold in moisture causing excess moisture to be released in the form of condensation.


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The Baseline Scenario

By James Kwak

People keep asking why no senior executive has gone to jail for the misdeeds that produced the financial crisis—and cost the United States more than $6 trillion, or $50,000 per household, in lost economic output. The usual answers are that no one did anything wrong (oh, come on) or, more realistically, that it’s too hard to convict individuals in complex financial fraud cases.

At the same time, however, the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York—the district that includes Wall Street—has amassed a 79-0 record in insider trading cases, including yesterday’s jury verdict against Mathew Martoma, a trader at the hedge fund firm SAC Capital Advisors. In Martoma’s case, he obtained confidential information about a clinical trial for a drug being manufactured by two pharmaceutical companies and, according to the jury, convinced his boss, Steven Cohen, to unload the firm’s positions in…

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The WBDG provides a vast amount of building related information for anyone having questions relating to building design, performance, maintenance, etc. There is also information on issues such as indoor air quality, mold issues, etc. It’s a great one stop resource for anyone interested in the science of buildings.

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