Frozen Pipes

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Indoor Air Quality
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Recent weather conditions have led to numerous pipe breaks in homes and buildings around Northeast, Ohio. This comes as no surprise to me. There are many buildings which have broken pipes waiting to happen. This is the result of the numerous air leaks in many buildings. These air leaks also lead to ice dams at gutters, comfort complaints, condensation problems and indoor air quality issues. The problem is, you cannot see air and therefore issues with air leakage are all too often ignored or misdiagnosed by those with a financial interest in some other area (e.g. windows, insulation, HVAC equipment). The use of infrared thermography in changing that to some degree. Home and building owners today can see the results of air leakage if they hire a professional that uses an infrared camera. Many of the owners I have had the opportunity to work with are often shocked to see just how poorly their building enclosures perform. The air leakage may simply lead to higher energy costs and some comfort issues for years that are ignored. However, one extreme winter, such as we are currently experiencing can change all of that, at the worst possible moment. A broken water line in a wall can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home or building.  



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